How to Negotiate Hospital Bills

When it comes to negotiating your hospital bill there are a few things that you need to know.  Hospitals are not like regular creditors.  They like to play hard ball so if you are used to negotiating with your phone bill, cable bill, or any other types of bills be careful.

The best time to negotiate your hospital bill is when you first get your medical bill.  Whether its for regular medical services or for emergency medical services, the best time is to do it before they send your claim to a collection agency.

Believe it or not, the personnel at the hospital are easier to deal with then the collection agencies.  Once the collection agency report the hospital bill onto your credit record, your only recourse if to pay the entire invoice or else the negative marks will stay on your credit records.  They know you don’t want that and they use it to their advantage so try to work out a deal and settle the matter before it gets sent out to a collection agency.